Keeping the Traditions Going During Non Traditional Times

  • 2020 Webinars
  • Elementary Schools
  • Marketing-Communications

Thursday, September 24th
The webinar will be approximately one hour and start at 3 p.m. 
Amy Griffin, Director of Community Engagement, Diocese of Bridgeport Catholic Schools, ACAAP Board Member
You hear the word “tradition” and you immediately can think of your childhood filled with things that make you smile and reflect back to all the big and little moments that you looked forward to. They are a part of who you are today, and some traditions you are probably still celebrating. Our Catholic schools aren’t any different—we have traditions that our students look forward to every year, some traditions are like milestones to them and it excites them to be a part of these year after year! But what do you during a time of uncertainty? How do you plan for a traditional event or activity when the times are so uncertain, where guidelines surround every decision, and postponing isn’t an option anymore because we can’t guarantee tomorrow will allow for it either. During this session we will talk about how we make our traditions work and how we can continue to give our students moments to look forward to! Let’s talk about keeping traditions alive and well in your school community during these non-traditional times!

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