Brand Positioning: How to Create a Strong Brand Strategy

Let’s be honest. We all know that there is more to your school’s brand than your logo and style guide. It is how you position your school in the minds of your school community, outside community, and prospective families. Explore the challenges and opportunities; along with a plan that begins to strategically position your school to succeed in an over-populated market of independent schools. You will return to campus knowing what you can do right now and what it will take to build a competitive school brand. Be prepared to think differently, interact with your colleagues, and most importantly be courageous and honest with how you feel about your school. Jim Healy; Owner, Photographer, and Brand Architect; Peapod Design 

Colleen Adams Fairfield Prep Director of Communications

Embarking on a brand image "refresh" is daunting. Fairfield Prep Communications will share their experience in deploying a new website re-design, plus creating and employing new video, digital and print marketing tactics. The objective was to build a synergistic approach to messaging, ultimately supporting the admissions season as well as Advancement initiatives.
Colleen Adams, Director of Communications, Fairfield College Preparatory School - CT
Ronald DeRosa, Digital Communications Manager, Fairfield College Preparatory School - CT

Bevin Kennedy business formal

Grants from foundations and corporate entities can be an integral part of school fundraising. In this session, we'll review at a very high-level, the different types of grants, things to know before applying for grants, and what a standard grant process looks like.
Bevin Kennedy, Cabinet Secretary, Development and Communications, Diocese of Manchester