Thanks for your interest in contacting ACAAP of New England.  The all volunteer ACAAP Board works as a team to operate the organization.  Suggested contacts are:

Volunteering With ACAAP
Christopher Merrill or any board member

Business Partners
Larry Furey or
Joan Sullivan

Payments for Membership and Conferences
Joan Sullivan

Website or Technical
Chuck Putney

ACAAP Board Members

Christopher Merrill

ACAAP President, Director of Admissions

Joan Sullivan

ACAAP Treasurer, Principal

James Scholl

ACAAP Vice President, Leadership Gift Officer

Chuck Putney

Website Project & Content Manager

Sheila O'Neill


Brian Harrison

Parish and School Development Manager

Richard Blain


Anne Clubb

Director of Community Engagement

Eileen O'Leary

Director of Advancement

Kevin Altieri

Director of Admissions

Amy Griffin

Director of Community Engagement

Anthony Tata

ACAAP Secretary, Senior Client Success Manager